Jiyoung is a multidisciplinary artist based on Glasgow and Seoul. Her work explores spatial experiences creating opportunities for understanding oneself. 

2016 - 2020        BA(Hons) Painting and Printmaking, The Glasgow School of Art 

Group Exhibition
2020                   Alright?, Space XX, Seoul, South Korea
                            Degree Show 2020, Digital showcase, Glasgow School of Art, Glasgow, UK
                            DS2020 Simulator, Digital showcase, UK (available at: www.ds2020simulator.com)

2019                    Things We Can’t Tell, Glasgow, UK
2018                    Test Bed, Glasgow, UK
2017                     xh b t on, Glasgow, UK

Workshop Attended
2018                    Cath Campbell, Future Perfect Choir, Glasgow, UK
2017                    Scott Rogers, Glasgow School of Art, Glasgow, UK
2016                    Marvin Gaye Chetwynd, The Whiskey Bond, Glasgow, UK

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